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Who are we?

What is ESPACE?

Independent community organizations working in child assault prevention, with children ranging from 3 to 12 years old as well as the adults surrounding them and in the community.


9 ESPACE organizations are present throughout Quebec’s territory and are members of the Regroupement des organisms ESPACE du Québec.

The ESPACE organizations

The ESPACE organizations are present in different Quebec regions and can count on dynamic and professional teams that are able to meet the needs of each milieu. All personnel received training in violence prevention and participate regularly in learning/professional development activities.

Main activities :

  • Offering the CAP-ESPACE program in elementary schools, childcare services centres, recreational groups, and children’s other milieus.
  • Raising awareness and supporting the general public, community organizations and associations, community workers, etc;
  • Collaborating with various partners– community organizations, universities, CEGEPs, round tables, the media, etc.;
  • Phone consultations and referrals.

The Regroupement des organismes ESPACE du Québec (ROEQ)

The Regroupement des organismes ESPACE du Québec is committed to mobilizing the community to make prevention of all forms of violence against children a collective priority.

From a social change perspective, the Regroupement des organismes ESPACE du Québec raises awareness about child assault prevention, as well as promoting the recognition and respect of children’s rights. It mobilizes and supports the ESPACE organizations in the development of actions and expertise.

ESPACE’s mission

At ESPACE, each of our actions aim to offer children the chance to have a safe childhood, free from violence. It’s our purpose, our daily commitment: preventing all forms of violence against children.

Preventing violence is giving children the tools they need to protect themselves against any type of assault but it’s also raising awareness with adults on what their role is in prevention and providing them the tools they need to inform and help children.

ESPACE’s vision

A Quebec where preventing all forms of violence against children is a collective priority.

Where the whole community rallies behind ESPACE, that it sees, hears and talks about violence against children. That it feels responsible for the present and future safety and well-being of all children, its children.

Where children have safer milieus.

That always more abusers are reported.

Where together we ensure that fewer and fewer children experience violence and suffer the consequences.

Our values

The actions of the ROEQ and its members are based on feminist and community values.

Feminist values

The feminist movement aims towards equality of every person’s rights in the respect of differences, may they be linked to gender, ethnicity, age, religion or sexual orientation. The ROEQ and its members grant a great importance to equal relations and interpersonal relationships based on respect and free from abuse of power or any form of exploitation.

Community Values

The commitment to the values of independent community action is important to the ROEQ and its members. These values are mainly characterised by the pursuit of social justice, the promotion of individual and collective self-reliance, a democratic functioning and the militant commitment with a view to bring about social change.


ESPACE, present in Quebec for 35 years!


CAP (Child Assault Prevention)

Birth of the Child Assault Prevention program (CAP) in Ohio. (CAP will later take the ESPACE name in Quebec.)


ESPACE in Québec

Birth of ESPACE in the province of Quebec, carried at the time by the RQCALACS.


Regroupement des équipes régionales

Le programme ESPACE devient autonome. Le Regroupement des équipes régionales ESPACE (RERE) devient un organisme communautaire autonome.


ROEQ fondation

The RERE becomes the Regroupement des organismes ESPACE du Québec.


First recurring funding

The government provides the first recurring funding for the ESPACE organizations.


10 ESPACE organizations

The Regroupement des organismes ESPACE du Québec has 9 ESPACE member organizations in Quebec.

A unique expertise

In Quebec, when it comes to child assault prevention, the public is fortunate to have been able to count on the unique expertise of ESPACE organizations and their provincial association for 35 years. Their intervention is one of the only ones that directly addresses the issue of violence against children in all its forms, and the ESPACE program is one of the few that is aims both adults and children at the preschool and elementary levels.

The ESPACE program uses an approach based on empowerment development and uses effective and recognized educational methods.

The impacts of the ESPACE program assessed

The impact of the CAP-ESPACE workshops was assessed and the results of the research are conclusive. They have been the subject of several scientific publications in Quebec and elsewhere.

Some of the results of the research on the CAP-ESPACE program

  • 95% of children enjoyed the workshop.
  • 96% of children would like ESPACE to come back.
  • 76% of the children said that, following the workshop, they spoke about a the ESPACE program with their parents.
  • 98,1% of parents who attended the workshop indicated that it met their expectations and that the information provided was useful.
  • Following the ESPACE workshop, almost half the parents reported an increase in the frequency of the following behaviours: the child appears to have greater self-confidence, expresses their likes antd dislikes, resolves conflicts, is more assertive and independent.
  • The vast majority of parents felt that their participation in the workshop helped them communicate with their children on the topic of assaults.

Recognized action

The Regroupement des organismes ESPACE du Québec has been the recipient of many awards over the years, recognizing its work in child assault prevention:

 Marie-Vincent Foundation

The Marie-Vincent Foundation recognizes the exceptional contribution and excellence in the fight against or prevention of child abuse and neglect.

Rights and Freedoms Award

The Rights and Freedoms Award emphasizes the excellent work done in Quebec by individuals or groups working to defend human and youth rights.

Prix annuel Desjardins de l’éducation

The Prix annuel Desjardins de l’éducation was awarded to the ROEQ for the excellence of its educational program in preventing violence against children.

Excellence Persillier-Lachapelle

The Prix d’excellence Persillier-Lachapelle in the promotion-prevention category, awarded by the Minister of Health and Social Services, highlights the excellence of community organizations.

These awards were presented to the ROEQ. The ESPACE organizations were also honoured several times for their actions.

” The way you present your workshops is very age-appropriate. You know how to make children feel at ease and your examples and explanations keep in mind the children’s developmental stage. Thank you so much for your workshops, your tips, your approach and your enthusiasm!”

Espace sans violence

MERCI! Votre don permet de créer de nouveaux outils de prévention et de faire en sorte que toujours plus d’enfants puissent vivre une enfance en sécurité et sans violence!

En indiquant vos coordonnées, vous recevrez un reçu de charité (20$ et +). Vos coordonnées ne seront pas utilisées à d’autres fins que vous envoyer le reçu un un ruban bleu dans le cadre de la Journée nationale des enfants le 20 novembre. Ils seront pas conservées