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The CAP-ESPACE program is unique in Quebec and among the few whose actions are aimed for both adults and preschool and elementary-level children. It is offered by the ESPACE organizations and is the preferred means for preventing of ALL forms of violence that can affect children.

The ESPACE program consists of three types of workshops :

  • the milieu’s personnel;
  • the parents;
  • all children 3 to 12 years old within the milieu.

Goals of the CAP-ESPACE program

  • Reduce children’s vulnerability to violence
  • Teach children effective prevention strategies
  • Offer children in need the possibility to get help
  • Raise awareness among adults about child assault and their role in prevention
  • Prepare adults to receive disclosures
  • Create self-help networks
  • Promote child assault preventionand make it a public issue

Children’s milieus

ESPACE favours a children’s-milieu approach by raising awareness among all the adults and children who are in the child’s environment (elementary schools, childcare services, family-based community organizations, recreational clubs, etc.). ESPACE is therefore a force that brings together and mobilizes the energies of parents, educational staff, other school and community professionals in order to create support networks.

Our work in raising awareness and mobilizing communities through children’s milieus is part of our vision to bring about social change.

The workshops intended for adults

Before ESPACE visits a milieu, workshops are offered to the parents and personnel. The goal of these workshops is to inform adults on the children’s workshops, give them the tools they need to help children and raise awareness to their role in prevention in order to strengthen the support networks around children and counter violence.

Key topics covered during the adult’s workshops:

  • What are the causes of violence and the strategies to prevent it?
  • How will the subject be discussed with the children?
  • How to do prevention on a daily basis?
  • How to use positive discipline?
  • How do I know if a child is a victim of violence?
  • What to do when a child confides in you?
  • Which resources can help you?

Tools handed out to adults :

Complementary activity books

Complimentary to the CAP-ESPACE program, an activity book is given to the personnel. It is useful to further children’s education regarding violence prevention.

Practical Guide for Parents

During workshops intended for parents, a practical guide is given to all participants; this guide is also available for all the other parents. It contains useful information to further children’s education regarding violence prevention.

Find out more about de prevention tools

Workshops intended for the children

All of the ESPACE workshops offered to children 3 to 12 years old address the same concepts regarding violence prevention but are adapted to the different age groups. We use an effective approach and educational methods that encourage the children’s participation through an interactive workshop, role-play and fun exercises.

Key topics covered during the children’s workshops:

  • Rights that everyone has and rules to follow
  • Bullying between children
  • Types of child assaults committed by adults
  • Assaults committed by known or unknown persons (strangers)
  • Tricks and tactics of an aggressor
  • Various aspects of violence
  • Problem solving
  • Effective strategies to use if a child witnesses or experiences violence
  • Local resources

Unfolding  of the workshops

By participating in an ESPACE workshop, the children are led to develop an assertive attitude and learn concrete strategies to stay safe.

A team of facilitators encourages the children’s active participation, enabling them to practice the prevention strategies discussed and ensuring their comprehension.

Children are less vulnerable to violence if they can:

  • Identify their rights and those of others;
  • Assert themselves, say no to protect their rights or when they feel they are in danger;
  • Turn to friends for support;
  • Ask trusted adults for help;
  • Use self-defence when necessary.

Tools handed out to the children

 At the end of the children’s workshop, an activity book is handed out to them to maintain learning retention and assure the continuation of violence prevention.

Find out more about de prevention tools

Inviting ESPACE in your milieu?

You would like for ESPACE to come to yours or your children’s  school or daycare?

Click on the link below to find out if an ESPACE organization is present in your area and contact the team directly!

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