ESPACE program

Preventing all forms of violence against childre with the CAP-ESPACE Program.The children’s workshop are adapted for the various age. For adults too.

Action & Prevention

 How to know? How prevent? How to verify your suspicions? How you can help? When child confides in you? What are the consequence of violence?

Educational staff

Tools and resources to educational staff (teaching staff and administration, educator, social worker, psychologist, etc.). Download The Pratical Guide and Activities book.

National Child Day

November 20th ESPACE organization celebrate The National Child Day. See the activities.


Since 1985, ESPACE organizations have been working to ensure that ever more children in Quebec will have a safe childhood free from violence. This is their reason for being, their daily commitment, which gives preventing all forms of violence against childre true meaning.

Preventing violence means giving children the means to protect themselves against all forms of assault, but also working to sensitize adults to their role in prevention and giving them the tools to help children in need. . See the video (in french only)


Press releases and latest news

your donation makes the difference

The ESPACE organizations and the Regroupement des organismes ESPACE du Québec are independent community action organizations. The support of the community is the essence of our organizations. Your donation is invested in prevention and also enables us to carry out projects independent of government priorities or trends.



Whether you are a child, a parent, an adult in the child’s entourage, or a professional, many resources are available for you. They are free and accessible: community and public resources, literature, web sites, etc. Consult here.

Adult’s role in prevention

Empowering children is not enough. The adults around them are indispensable for effective violence prevention. Once sensitized and well informed, they can continue reinforcing prevention strategies.


Why prevention?

Reduce children’s vulverability to violence. Create self-help networks. Create healthy and safe living environement. To help children to develop in a healthy manner too proceed with confidence on the pathway tu adulthood.

Because consequences of violent: Behaviours problems, learniong problems ans difficulty concentrating, problem with authority, difficulties with relationships, repeated victimisation, reproduction of violent behaviours, substance abuse, mental health problems, suicide.

” Your message is being heard by the children, we have witnessed them telling a bully, ¨stop harassing him, don’t you remember what we talked about yesterday?´´ The witnesses’ comment ended the bullying situation that was going down. Congratulations to the students who spoke up. ” 


MERCI! Votre don permet de créer de nouveaux outils de prévention et de faire en sorte que toujours plus d’enfants puissent vivre une enfance en sécurité et sans violence!

En indiquant vos coordonnées, vous recevrez un reçu de charité (20$ et +). Vos coordonnées ne seront pas utilisées à d’autres fins que vous envoyer le reçu un un ruban bleu dans le cadre de la Journée nationale des enfants le 20 novembre. Ils seront pas conservées